Updating a SignupΒΆ

Unlike creating a signup by POSTing to the generic action processor, updating the role or status of a host or attendee signup is done by PATCHing against the eventsignup endpoint.

You'd first want to find the particular signup. That can be done by filtering the eventsignup list endpoint by the user ID or email address or other user information, the event, signup page or signup action. Here are some examples of ways you could filter:

For more details, consult the filtering documentation or look at the event search documentation.

Once you have the signup you're looking for, send a PATCH request to that URI with the change in status or role:

PATCH /rest/v1/eventsignup/477/

{       "status": "cancelled"   }       // cancel the signup


{       "role": "host"  }       // makes the signup a host of the event


{       "attended": true        }       // marks the signup as having attended the event


Unlike changing a signup's role or status in the Admin, when done through the API these types of changes do not trigger an email notification to hosts or attendees about the change.

View the eventsignup schema for more details on the fields available for this resource.