Campaigner's GuideΒΆ

ActionKit is a complete toolset for online organizing, advocacy and fundraising. Most functionality is accessible through the admin UI. This guide outlines things you can do from the Admin Interface, broken down by sections corresponding to the Tabs in the admin and by topic.

Throughout this guide we use specific terminology to refer to attributes of the software. The basics are described below.

Pages are where your users take an action like donating or signing a petition. Users are email addresses. Every time a user submits on a page an Action is recorded. By default, actions subscribe users to the Mailing List associated with the page (if they aren't already subscribed). Only Subscribed Users can be emailed a Mailing through the mailer. Users who land on a page by following the link in a mailing are treated as Recognized Users by default, meaning they only need to enter required information that isn't in your database.

The Reports Tab provides tools for accessing and analyzing your data. Staff users are people you have given access to the admin or the API.

You can find a detailed Table of Contents for the entire guide below.