You can create, edit, search, and manage events through the REST API. This allows you to, say, build your own event creation interface, or a separate tool for event management that volunteers can access (and not allow them access to the rest of the ActionKit admin), or move signups in bulk from one event to another.

Events API

These APIs are mostly low-level -- as close to direct database access as we can manage -- and they may or may not be the right way to do your particular extensions.

Additionally, there are some differences in event handlings between the API and the ActionKit admin. In particular, event management through the Admin provides some validations and functions performed by default that are not present for events managed through the API. Some of these are listed below:

  • If you change the role of a signup, an email is NOT sent.
  • Cancelling or deleting an event (by updating the event's status field to "cancelled" or "deleted") does NOT send an email to attendees or hosts.
  • When creating a host or attendee page through the API, the confirmation email is not set by default. Make sure to set a confirmation email if you want to send hosts a way to confirm their event, or a reminder of how to get to the event tools for hosts and attendees.

There are some things that will be done after some database updates made through the API:

  • Creating an EventSignup via the Action Processor also creates an EventSignupAction.
  • The Action Processor will check that an event is created with its start date/time set for a future date/time.
  • Event addresses are geocoded before saving.


This set of resources allows you to create and modify objects related to events.

Resource Description
action Generic action processor; creates the eventcreateaction and eventsignupaction objects.
campaign Campaign object
event Event object
eventcreateaction Action that created an event, created by POSTing to the action resource.
eventcreateform Event create page form (content settings for the page)
eventcreatepage Event create page
eventfield Event field
eventsignup Event signup
eventsignupaction Action that signed a user up for an event, created by POSTing to the action resource.
eventsignupfield Event signup field
eventsignuppageform Event signup page form (content settings for the page)
eventsignuppage Event signup page
pagefollowup After-action settings for event create and event signup pages.