Updating An EventΒΆ

Unlike creating an event by POSTing to the generic action processor, updating the settings or status of an already created event is done by PATCHing against the event endpoint.

For example, in order to mark an event as approved, you can do this:

PATCH /rest/v1/event/300/

        "is_approved": true

Or if you want to update the event date or time, then send a PATCH request containing the new value in the starts_at field using the format "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS".

PATCH /rest/v1/event/300/

        "starts_at": "2017-04-15 18:00:00"

This updates both starts_at and starts_at_utc for the event.

Other updates could include:

Update Fields to change
Approval is_approved: "true" or "false"
Confirmed host_is_confirmed: "true" or "false"
Date or time starts_at in the format "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS"
Information for attendees directions, note_to_attendees, public_description
Location Update any of the following location fields: address1, address2, city, country, plus4, postal, region, state, zip. Address updates will automatically be run through the geocoder and update the latitude and longitude fields for the event.
Max attendees max_attendees
Public or Private is_private: "true" or "false"
status status: set to "active", "cancelled", "deleted". Note: Unlike changing an event status in the Admin, when done through the API these types of changes do not trigger an email notification to hosts or attendees about the change.
Title title
Venue venue

View the event schema for more details on the fields available for this resource.

In order to notify attendees when event details change, use the send_details_changed_email field with any value. For example:

PATCH /rest/v1/event/300/

    "starts_at": "2019-11-18 18:00:00",
    "send_details_changed_email": "1"