Add A Signup To An EventΒΆ

Signups are actions made against an event signup page. So to create a new signup for an event via the API, we will use generic action processing to create the action.

Here's an example of a signup request to the action processor:

POST /rest/v1/action/
        "page": "house-parties_attend", // page name -- required for all actions
        "email": "", // email address of the signup -- required for all actions
        "event_id": "277", // event ID -- required for event signup actions
        "event_signup_ground_rules": "1" // ground rules are accepted -- required for all event signup actions

Here's the response:

        "akid": ".748090.k2VtV5",
        "created_at": "2017-03-24T22:47:28.732902",
        "created_user": false,
        "fields": {},
        "id": 2662363,
        "ip_address": "",
        "is_forwarded": false,
        "link": null,
        "mailing": null,
        "opq_id": "",
        "page": "/rest/v1/eventsignuppage/20280/",
        "redirect_url": "/cms/thanks/house-parties_attend?action_id=2662363&akid=.748090.k2VtV5&ar=1&rd=1&taf=1",
        "referring_mailing": null,
        "referring_user": null,
        "resource_uri": "/rest/v1/eventsignupaction/2662363/",
        "signup": "/rest/v1/eventsignup/464/",
        "source": "restful_api",
        "status": "complete",
        "subscribed_user": false,
        "taf_emails_sent": null,
        "type": "EventSignup",
        "updated_at": "2017-03-24T22:47:28.926901",
        "user": "/rest/v1/user/748090/"

Sweet! Our signup was created! Next, let's look at how you can update the role or status of an attendee or host.