Key Reports

Built-In Reports

ActionKit comes with a number of built-in reports to make it easier for you understand how your campaigns and lists are performing.

The full list of the built-in reports with their original SQL is an important reference if you aren't sure what, exactly, a built-in report is returning. For example, action counts could include or exclude actions based on the action status. Or, count only one action per user, even if the user submitted more than once. Or, exclude actions on certain page types, like unsubscribe. Similarly with donations, different reports exclude or include recurring commitments and payments, or $0 donations. At different times and for different purposes, you might look at your data with different combinations of these criteria. If you're seeing different counts from built-in reports for the same object, looking at the descriptions or the SQL in the reference often explains it.

Below are descriptions of some key reports, but there are many others included in your instance and documented in the reference. You can view previews for some reports here.

Overview Reports

Action Reports

  • Page Drilldown Dashboard - Detailed stats for a given page, showing action takers, new subscribers, payments, sources, associated mailings, confirmation mailings and action notifications.

  • Specific page type Dashboards - Event, LTE and Call pages each have a dashboard summarizing performance for the page or pages you specify.

  • LTE Downloads - Allows you to download letters from a particular LTE campaign.

  • Action Takers by Jurisdiction for a Given Page - Returns action totals for a given page broken down by Senate, House, State Senate or State House jurisdictions.

  • Comments by Page - Enter the page_id for any page with an action field called "comment" (usually petition and letter pages) and you'll see a list of the user_ids with their comments. Users who took action on the page but didn't comment aren't listed.

  • Unsubscribe Reasons - Displays the user_id and the reason entered on your unsubscribe form (if you have a space for users to enter the reason).

  • Share Stats for Page - Summarizes sharing traffic for a particular page on your site. It includes overall totals as well as breakdowns by sharing network, by date, the top twenty users, and by sharing generation.

  • Share Stats for Date Range - Summarizes sharing traffic across all pages on your site within a given date range. It includes overall totals as well as breakdowns by page, by sharing network, by date, the top twenty users, and by sharing generation.

Donation Reports

  • Recurring Donations Summary Dashboard - Displays year-to-date and month-to-date top-level stats for recurring donations: profiles, payments, new profiles, failed payments, cancelled profiles, and net change. Also displays the top 10 sources, top 10 pages, and top 10 mailings for the year for recurring donations.
  • Recurring Donations Summary Charts - Year-over-year visualization of recurring donation payments, active, new and cancelled profiles, and failed payments.
  • Recurring Donations Report - Displays monthly and year-to-date recurring donation amounts.
  • Basic Product Report - Displays combined sales information by product and accepts start and end dates and product IDs as parameters.

Mailing Reports

  • 24 Hour Mailing Response Dashboard - 1 hour and 24 hour mailing stats on sent, open%, clicks/open, action% and payments for mailings sent in the past X days. Includes optional charts for open and action rates by hour for the first 24 hours which you can omit if you want the report to run faster when you're looking at a lot of mailings/days. Does not include recurring mailings.

  • Recurring mailings - There are two built-in reports for recurring mailings, Recurring series statistics and Per-send recurring mailing statistics